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The Berry Report



Strawberry fields in the fall - full of red leaves

Well it was a long and fruitful season but sadly the strawberries just couldn't hold on in the face of our cold and wet fall. They had a good run, starting in June and running all the way into October! We're sorry to announce that the strawberry season at Heeman's has once again come to a close. We appreciate your eagerness for more of our fresh, locally grown berries. We're getting ready to put our strawberries to bed for the winter ahead and look forward to another fantastic season in 2015. We're keeping our Twitter followers and Facebook fans updated on the progress, if you'd like to learn as much about how we grow our berries we'd recommend you follow along too.

Our Pick Your Own fields are also finished for the year. We want to say thank you to everyone who came out to the field this year. Our picking conditions were some of the best in years and the season went longer than any in recent memory. We hope you got your chance to pick this year.

Thank you for helping us make 2014 such a fun season. We hope you enjoyed a long strawberry season and all the fresh and flavourful crops. You can find a list of all the crops we have at Heeman's, including the typical fruiting times under our produce section.


They sure were tasty while they lasted! Raspberry season at Heeman's is also finished after a good run from July through October. We're sorry to see them go but they had a great run, especially with the cold and wet fall we had. Thanks for your support and we'll see you again in July of 2015 for more fresh Heeman raspberries.

Pails of Cherries

Fresh Ontario Cherries are so addicting to many people and now that the season has passed we're helping people fill the void this winter with pails of cherries. Get pitted sour cherries in a 10 lb pail. Pitted fresh and with no sugar added they can be used in pies, served fresh or any other recipe you have! No need to order, just come out.

  • $24.00 11 L pail of Sours (No Sugar added)
  • Sweet Cherry pails (SOLD OUT)