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The Berry Report



It may be fall but strawberries are still growing strong and will be available for a limited time longer. If you haven't had this variety (Albion) you don't know what your missing. They have amazing flavour (some say the best of any strawberry), sweet aroma, and are very large and firm! If you've had them before you know how good these berries are. We'll see you soon...

  • $3.75 a quart / $30.00 a flat (8 quarts) - Fresh Picked

Pick Your Own strawberry season has finished for the year. We want to thank everyone who came out to the berry patch and made this year such a wonderful experience for our staff and family. We will be open again next June when the June berries are ready again. Sorry, we do not offer pick your own everbearing strawberries.


Heeman's own raspberriesRaspberry season is here and fans couldn't be happier! We pick raspberries after the dew dries, they are usually available after 11:00am each morning. The season for raspberries starts in July and runs all the way into October thanks to our Fall Rasberries. Sorry but we do not offer pick-your-own raspberries.

  • $3.75 per pint
  • $37.50 a flat (10 pints)

Sweet Cherries

Fresh Ontario Sweet Cherries

Fresh Ontario Sweet Cherries are so addicting to many people and that sweet taste. The season for Sweet Cherries has finished. Don't miss the last week to purchase fresh Ontario cherries. Because it is not possible to grow cherries in our micro-climate (due to winter kill) we do not have trees on the farm or offer pick your-own cherries.

  • $6.75 per quart (approx. $4.09/lb)
  • $12.75 per 2L basket (approx. $3.63/lb)

Pitted and Pailed Cherries

  • $26.75 for 11 lbs Sweets
  • $22.75 for 11 lbs Sours


Fresh locally grown Ontario blueberriesBlueberries are a delicious treat that are packed with anti-oxidants and all kinds of healthy goodness. Blueberry season has finished for the year.

  • $3.75 per pint
  • $35.0 a flat (10 pints)

We're unable to grow blueberries at our location due to inadequate soil pH but our friends at Bittersweet Farms in Straffordville grow them for us and we pick up fresh blueberries from them regularly.

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse

We're keeping our Twitter followers and Facebook fans updated on the progress, if you'd like to learn as much about how we grow our berries we'd recommend you follow along too. You can find a list of all the crops we have at Heeman's, including the typical fruiting times under our produce section.